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Online Stress Test / Holter Monitor Certification Course

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  • EVERYTHING you need to use a Holter monitor and advance your career as a nurse assistant, RN, LPN/LVN or other medical professional.
  • This course covers 3-lead, 4-lead, 5-lead, as well as reviews 12-lead
  • This course will prepare you to sit for the CCI-CCT Exam
  • Completion card delivered when passed
  • Be done in 8-10 weeks -- course is at your own pace
  • Take this course for required stress test and Holter monitor job training

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What type of careers will the Stress Test / Holter Monitor certification be useful for?

There are numerous jobs that require Holter monitor and stress testing skills. In fact, there are too many to name here; however, we have listed a few examples below.

Nurses assistants: understand rhythms and arrhythmias of the heart and recognize them

Cardiac Monitor Technician: Some hospitals provide training but do not provide a certificate. If you are looking to work for another employer that requires certification, our training course will provide it.

Nurses: This course may count for your state's CME requirement for license renewal.

Course description

This course is delivered completely online and that gives you the flexibility to continue your current work or studies without interruption.

The recommended completion time for this course is 8-10 weeks. In that time, you will have access to our medical training staff.

Hospitals seeking to train their current staff may be eligible for group pricing. Please call us for further information.


Please find below printable letter showing our course syllabus. You can present this to your credentialing department to confirm this will be eligible for reimbursement.

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